Latrobe, TAS - St Luke's Anglican

Year Built: 1906

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Luke

Address: 2 Cotton Street, Latrobe, Tasmania, 7307

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Punnilerpanner people

Last Updated: 22/03/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first Anglican services in the Latrobe district were held at Ballahoo on the western bank of the Mersey River. In 1868 Latrobe School Church was opened at a cost of £145 and in 1871 it was still a school church.

A Church was consecrated in 1887 and in 1892 Church News stated that there were plans for a new Church. Plans for a new church began in  that year and almost two decades were to pass before these were realised. A Foundation stone reads, " To the Glory of God laid by the Lord Bishop of Tasmania 29 November 1906".

The present Church was dedicated in December 1909. The design was described as "modern decorated Gothic on concrete foundations" and the building was constructed in brick with Marseilles tiles employed for the roof. The construction was carried out by Mr H. Biggins, and the building cost £1500.

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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1913 - 1917 Rev Clarence Hamilton Corvan 1879 1950
1918 - Rev John Crompton 1879 1954
1920 - 1921 Rev Donald Burns Blackwood 1884 1967
1924 - 1929 Rev Walter Jeremiah Dodson 1869 1940
1929 - 1935 Rev Kenneth John Hughes 1900 1965
1935 - 1939 Rev John Compton 1879 1954
1939 - 1942 Rev John Edward Atkins 1907 1978
1943 - 1946 Rev Sidney Charles Brammall 1905 1977
1962 - Rev Walter Walters 1892 1983
1963 - 1971 Rev Alexander Geoffrey Adams 1906 1986
1972 - 1974 Rev Bill Percy
1975 - Archdeacon G. Costelloe Locum
1976 - 1978 Rev William Holmes
1979 - 1983 Rev Graham Doyle
1983 - 1987 Rev Max Jones
1987 - Rev John G. Paul
2003 - 2007 Rev Chris Stafferton


The pipe organ was giver to the new church in 1909 by a Mr. Munnew, being the fourth and last organ built by the Launceston builder Samuel Jocelyne about 1865. The present organ at St Luke's Church is believed to be the work of the Launceston-based organ builder Jesse Biggs who also built the organ now at St Paul's Anglican Church, East Devonport, almost certainly in 1864.

Jesse Biggs who also built the organ now at St Paul's Anglican Church, East Devonport. It's also unlikely that the organ was built by Joscelyne as his two surviving organs both have cedar casework, brass nameplates and the drawstops in a single line above the keys.
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