Lilydale, VIC - St Patrick's Catholic (20010)

Year Built: 1890

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Patrick

Address: Corner Jones & Clarke Street, Lilydale, Victoria, 3140

Last Updated: 13/07/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first services were held in the Commerford family home in Edwards Street and on occasions in the de Castella's home. In 1863 Dr Fitzpatrick applied for 2 acres at the corner of Jones and Clarke Streets. In May 1864 work commenced on a small wooden building which was completed in January 1865.

St Patrick's Lilydale was established as a seperate mission in October 1889. A Foundation stone for a new presbytery was laid in June 1890 by Archbishop Carr and the building was completed in June 1890.

In mid 1869 Father Finn was suggesting a new church was needed. By 1870 the Catholic community of Lilydale had taken Father Finn's suggestion (on board) and engaged Architect Mr M Martalli to design a granite Gothic Church. Mr David Mitchell was the bulider.

Within four months of the Foundation stone being laid the church was completed and was dedicated on the Sunday after St Patrick's day by Bishop Goold.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1869 - Father Finn
1889 - Father Thomas Lynch 1941
- Father Francis Hennessy 1932
1914 - 1933 Father Gerald Byrne 1937
1933 - 1937 Father Edward Nowlan 1990
1937 - 1947 Father M G. Tuomey 1978
1947 - Father M. O'Sullivan
1961 - 1971 Father O'Callaghan
1971 - 1989 Father C. Tricarico 2005
1976 - Father Elliott
1986 - Father O'Neill
1989 - Father R Whitehouse
2019 - Father Arsenio Tuazon


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