Maffra, VIC - St John's Anglican

Year Built: 1871

Denomination: Anglican

Address: 16 Church Street, Maffra, Victoria, 3860

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Brayakaulung Tribe

Last Updated: 06/06/2022

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History and Architecture:

In 1868 the government had granted one and three-quarter acres of land to the Church of England for church purposes. This land, bounded by Boisdale, Princess, and King Streets, was thought by the Church Committee to be too far from the centre of town. So in May 1871 two half-acre blocks in Church Street were bought from a member of the Committee, Mr Fritz Schroeder.

Mr James Shingles made the bricks for this first church at his quarry on the hill in Gibney Street. 52,000 plain bricks were used in the construction, costing 30/- a thousand. There were also 3000 fancy bricks at 55/- a thousand.' Some of these old Maffra bricks can be seen in the present church, as they were re-used to form the buttresses. Although Joseph Waters of Sale was the builder his contract was for labour only.

A Foundation stone reads, " t John's Church The Foundation stone of the first church was laid by Mrs H. Gordon Glassford of Mewborn Park on September 1st 1871. This stone was laid by her Daughter Miss Gordon Glassford on February 3rd 1900. Laus Deo".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1870 - 1875 Mr E Apps Lay Reader
1875 - 1878 Rev J. Allen
1878 - 1887 Rev Josiah Hollis 1826 1887
1887 - 1892 Rev Fresewick Burnett Sharp 1846 1934
1893 - 1898 Rev D. R. Hewton
1898 - 1904 Rev W. Parkes
1904 - 1919 Archdeacon E. F. Pelletier
1919 - 1924 Archdeacon David William Weir 1875 1943
1924 - 1932 Archdeacon Karl Egbert Hamilton 1883 1958
1933 - 1936 Rev J. H. Brown
1936 - 1946 Rev L Sawtell
1947 - 1952 Rev Frederick William Hipkin 1901 1987
1952 - 1963 Archdeacon L W.A. Benn
1963 - 1976 Canon A. Weston
1976 - Rev P. B. Moore


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