Mile End, SA - St Jame's Anglican

Year Built: 1884

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: James

Address: 1B Falcon Avenue, Mile End, South Australia, 5031

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Kaurna people

Last Updated: 03/01/2021

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History and Architecture:

The Church was opened by Bishop Kennion on 1 February 1884.

Many years before Mr Justice Gwynne had given an acre of land in the village of Cowandilla for church purposes. This was sold for £150 and an allotment bought in a more central position in the Thebarton area. This is the present site of the church. Due to the energetic work of the Reverend F.R. Coghlan a contract was let and the church quickly built.

Immediatley upon completion of the building Coghlan handed over the care of the Mile End district to the Bishops's Home Mission Society.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1882 - 1884 Rev F. R. Coghlan B.A.
1884 - 1889 Rev Frederick Taylor Whittington
1889 - 1891 Rev B. C. Stephenson B.A.
1892 - 1900 Rev J. G. Pitcher
1900 - 1902 Rev P. Wise M.A.
1902 - 1903 Rev H. J. Edwards
1903 - 1905 Rev S. J. Blyod
1905 - 1909 Rev S. S. Moncrieff
1909 - 1920 Rev Walter Franz Wehrstedst B.A.
1921 - 1957 Rev C. J. Whitefield B.A.
1957 - 1964 Rev L E. W. Renfrey B.A. Th.L.
1957 - 1964 Rev D. M. Sutherland Th.L.
1964 - 1967 Rev A. J. Taylor Th Dip
1972 - 1978 Rev P. C. Hunter Th.L.
1978 - 1986 Rev Ralph William Holden Th.L. 1934
1986 - Rev D. J. Williams Dip. T. MACE
2014 - Rev Zinkoo Han


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