Minyip, VIC - St John's Lutheran

Year Built: 1889

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: John

Address: Corner Carroll & Church Street, Minyip, Victoria, 3392

Architect: H.A. Gillies

Traditional Owners: Incl Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali & Wergaia people

Last Updated: 19/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

The first church services were held in 1874 in Mr A. Prices home. A wooden church was erected the following year on land donated by Mr C Petering at Kirchham.

The Church was originally located at Kirchheim and erected in 1889. In 1935 the church was moved to Minyip. Made of rectangular plan timber and weatherboard with pointed lancet windows the Architect was H. A..Gillies of Horsham. Of Victorian Gothic structure, Frazer and Company also of Horsham erected the church complete with octagonal bell tower. Total cost was1,100.00. A church hall was erected in 1927.

The original stained glass window was a paper glace window donated by Mr C Habel. This was later replaced. The bell was cast in Germany by Th Werner Kleinwelke in 1889.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1874 - 1904 Pastor C H.M. Schoknecht ELSA
1876 - Pastor J E.G. Bode ELSA
1876 - 1878 Pastor P G. Jacobson ELSA
1877 - Pastor W Peters ELSA
1878 - 1903 Pastor J F.W. Peters ELSA
1903 - 1921 Pastor H H.C. Harms ELSA
1922 - 1948 Pastor J C.O. Darsow ELSA
1948 - 1964 Pastor M J. Georg ELSA
1964 - 1970 Pastor J. W. Uebergang ELSA
1971 - 1976 Pastor E. M Kloeden LCA
1976 - 1983 Pastor E. V. Kempe LCA
1984 - 1989 Pastor F. J. Moeller LCA
1990 - 1995 Pastor V. P Kleinig LCA
1995 - 1997 Pastor D P Koehne LCA
1999 - 2002 Pastor P J. Ghalayini LCA
2003 - Pastor A W. Eime LCA


Built by Alfred Fuller and opened in January 1890. It has 1 manual, 5 speaking stops, pedal pulldowns, mechanical action.
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