Mitcham, SA - St Michael's Anglican

Year Built: 1852

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Michael

Address: 18 Church Road, Mitcham, South Australia,

Architect: William Weir

Traditional Owners: Kaurna people

Last Updated: 19/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

A foundation stone was laid on 30 September 1848. McElligott's quarry at the southern end of Fullarton Road supplied the stone for St. Michaels.

Gothic Revival Church built 1852, by W.Weir, southern nave added by E.Wright in 1863, vestry in 1871. Stone was quarried in Brownhill Creek Reserve and unfortunately the original (and typical colonial) wall finish with square raked joints has been removed. The Architect was William Weir.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1864 - Rev William Buckton Andrews 1829 1918
1864 - 1878 Rev H Read
1883 - 1884 Rev George Henry Parr 1819 1904
1884 - 1888 Rev A Sell
1888 - 1893 Rev F. W. Samwell
1907 - 1908 Rev G M Searcy
1947 - 1952 Rev R J. Roddick
1961 - 1962 Rev J C Howells
1980 - 1982 Rev F. G. Kernot Asst
1984 - 1986 Rev Mark Arnell Thomas Asst 1947
1987 - 1988 Rev Christopher R.E Beal Asst 1959
2014 - Rev Keith Brice


The Organ was built by Bishop & Son in 1878. The instrument was shipped early in 1878, installed at Mitcham by Robert Mackenzie and opened on 13 October 1878. It was restored by George Stephens Pty Ltd in 1994. It has 2 manuals, 13 speaking stops, 3 couplers, mechanical action.
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