Murtoa, VIC - St John's Lutheran

Year Built: 1965

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: John

Address: Corner Duncan & Degenhardt Streets, Murtoa, Victoria, 3390

Architect: Eric von Schramek

Traditional Owners: Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali & Wergaia people

Last Updated: 24/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The Murtoa congregation was organized by Pastor Schoknecht in 1874, on Pentecost Monday. The first services were held in the house of Bro. E. Habel. Soon, however, the building of a church was taken in hand. "The Kirchenbote" of 1875, contains a correspondence, dated June 3, 1875, in which the dedication is reported. The church was built of weatherboard, with vestry, and was capable of accommodating about 250 people. This church was, by fiendish hands, on April 6, 1916, burnt to the ground. For a number of years the congregation then held its services in the old school.

The new church, built of reinforced concrete, was begun on April 6, 1923, and on September 9 of the same year dedicated to the service of God and the current church was built in 1965. The Church was designed by Eric von Schramek.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1874 - Pastor Schoknecht
1917 - 1939 Pastor C. J. Siegle VS
1940 - 1946 Pastor J. M. Larsen UELCA
1947 - 1955 Pastor W. F. Stahl UELCA
1955 - 1956 Pastor G. F. Ruwoldt UELCA
1956 - 1972 Pastor V. G. Roennfeldt UELCA & LCA
1972 - 1974 Pastor R. W. Modra LCA
1975 - 1980 Pastor R. J. Winderlich LCA
1981 - 1987 Pastor S. G. Torning LCA
1988 - 1998 Pastor J. B. Schultz LCA
1999 - 2008 Pastor P. G. Welke LCA
2010 - 2020 Pastor G. O. Koch LCA


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2. Lutheran Archives with permission.