North Albury, NSW - Sacred Heart Catholic

Year Built: 1959

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Address: 330 Swan Street, North Albury, New South Wales, 2640

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wiradjuri, Wavereoo and Dhudhuroa people

Last Updated: 28/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Sacred Heart Parish of North Albury was established in 1955, with the Rev. Fr. S.A. Bongiorno as the Parish Priest. The “presbytery” was actually a house in Kokoda St North Albury, and all meetings and general business was conducted from there.

The Church was finished in 1959 at a cost of ₤39,000. The bricks for the church came from Sydney as there was not a local provider big enough to supply cream bricks for the project. The bricks are called Punchbowl Creams.

A Foundation stone reads, " Sacred Heart of Jesus inflamed with love of mankind in thy honour His Lordship the Most Rev F.A. Henschke D.D. Bishop of Wagga Wagga blessed and laid this stone on 9th March 1958. Under thy protection therefore may this church be a source of peace joy and eternal salvation to all who enter it".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1955 - Father S. A. Bongiorno 1974
1956 - 1958 Father Peter O'Leary Asst 2001
1959 - 1959 Father John McGrath Asst
1960 - 1961 Father Frank Bell Asst
1961 - 1964 Father Charles Holdsworth Asst
1962 - 1965 Father Michael Burgess Asst
1964 - 1968 Father Vincent Kiss Asst
1966 - 1966 Father Ralph Fitzgerald Asst
1967 - 1968 Father James Clarke Asst
1968 - 1969 Father Brendan Dwyer Asst
1970 - 1970 Father Robert Leaver
1971 - 1973 Father Robert Bartlett Asst
1974 - 1976 Father Paul Hart Asst
1977 - 1981 Father Peter O'Keefe Asst
1979 - 1979 Father Doug George Asst
1982 - 1982 Father Gerald Iverson Asst
1983 - 2000 Father John Frauenfelder Asst
2020 - Father Martin Cruickshank


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