North Goulburn, NSW - St Nicholas' Anglican

Year Built: 1880

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Nicholas

Address: 17 Kinghorne Street, North Goulburn, New South Wales, 2580

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Traditional Owners: Gundungurra people

Last Updated: 05/12/2023

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History and Architecture:

The present Church, a stone building in the early English style, was designed by Mr. E. T. Blacket. The original plans have been deposited in the Mitchell Library, Sydney, by his son, Cyril Blacket. The nave only has been finished according to the original plan. The temporary chancel and sanctuary are of wood. The complete design provides for a spacious chancel and transepts. The Church was licensed and dedicated on the 11th of February, 1880. The Rev, G. M. D'arcv Irvine read the petition for the licensing of the Church, Mr. A. M. Betts the license, the Bishop of Goulburn gave the address, and the Bishop of North Queensland, Dr. Stanton, read the prayers.

At a meeting held the same day, Mr. W. C. Harris presented the balance sheet showing that £1,500 had been paid the contractor, leaving a debt of £400. In a journal recently published it is claimed that S. Nicolas' was named after its benefactor, Lieut. Nicholas C. Phillips, of "Lansdowne," Goulburn. Nearly all the furnishings and ornaments are memorials.

A Foundation stone reads, " St Nicholas Sunday Schools This Memorial stone was laid by Mrs Morisset to the Glory of God 6th May 1898".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1864 - 1871 Canon Richard Leigh 1829 1915
1872 - Rev Hunter Phelps Hubert
1872 - 1874 Rev B. W. Locke B.A.
1875 - 1880 Rev W. May
1880 - 1894 Rev Canon G. M. D'Arcy Irvine
1894 - 1897 Rev Canon George Spencer
1898 - 1908 Rev Canon Charles Kingsmill
1908 - 1912 Archdeacon George Spencer
1912 - 1925 Canon William Philip Howell 1855 1930
1925 - 1934 Rev C. M. Stratham
1934 - 1936 Canon J. J. Dune
1936 - Rev F. W. Rettie
1924 - Rev J. Keith Miller
2011 - Rev Bruce Gorton
2020 - Rev Paul Davey


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