Numurkah, VIC - St Andrew's Presbyterian

Denomination: Presbyterian

Saint: Andrew

Address: 56 Saxton Street, Numurkah, Victoria, 3636

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Yorta Yorta people

Last Updated: 13/09/2023

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History and Architecture:

The land for the church buildings was given by Mr John Gray. In August, 1902, land on the North side was purchased and in October 1910, the church acquired a small strip of land on the West side.

There is no definite record of the erection of St. Andrew's but it appears to have been built in 1885 at a cost of £500. A porch was added in 1897 and the apse in 1913. At the Annual Congregation meeting on March 24th, 1958, the recommendation was carried that the church building be enlarged by the addition of 10 feet to the nave, two transepts and two vestries, to meet the needs of the growing congregation. This was to be acted upon in years later. The property on the East side of the church, where the manse now stands, was purchased in 1959. Later, in 1966, land of the North of the church was sold to the Shire as an extension of Queen Street. However, this extension did not eventuate, so the land was repurchased by Mr and Mrs Herb Prentice and donated back to the church.

On January 1 1882, at the Presbytery meeting in Seymour the Home Mission Committee agreed to grant £1.00 per week for thirteen weeks to a Mr Marshall to preach. During July of 1883 Rev W Thomson being Moderator of Numerkah asked that a call be made for a Minister for the chargedeclaring that the people were prepared to give a stipend of £250 per year with house and use of horse and buggy, hoping ten to raise £300 after the first year.

In 2015 a suspicious fire damaged a large part of the church.

A plaque reads, " 1882 - 1982 To the Glory of God to commemorate 100 years of Christian worship and witness at St Andrews Presbyterian Church Numurkah. Unveiled by Moderator Rev E.R. Pearsons 17-10-82".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1882 - 1886 Rev John Urquart
1886 - 1895 Rev John C. Coutie
1896 - 1899 Rev W. L. Fenton
1899 - 1903 Rev David Millar
1903 - 1909 Rev G. M. Baird
1910 - 1912 Rev William Tullock
1913 - 1923 Rev Joseph Lee
1923 - 1925 Rev James Jones
1926 - 1933 Rev John Gillespie Sharpe
1933 - 1938 Rev A. F.H. Smith
1938 - 1941 Rev G. L. Johnson
1942 - 1945 Rev James B. Allison 1973
1946 - 1947 Rev William D. Wallace
1947 - 1950 Rev Gavin Lawson
1951 - 1954 Rev Christ J. Wiliams
1955 - 1961 Rev James B. Allison
1962 - 1969 Rev Ken Dyster 1907 1995
1971 - 1974 Rev Graeme Hamill 1938 2002
1977 - 1980 Rev James S. Bain
1981 - Rev John Phillip Wilson
2021 - Rev George Elliott


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