Oatlands, TAS - St Peter's Anglican (8110)

Year Built: 1844

Denomination: Anglican

Address: Williams Street, Oatlands, Tasmania, 7120

Last Updated: 13/09/2021

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History and Architecture:

At first services were held in the police barracks, then in a small stone and clay chapel. The stone church designed by John Lee Archer was begun in 1838 and the official opening service and dedication by Bishop Nixon was in 1844, though the church was used prior to that date. It was licenced in December 1846. In 1958 the church was renovated and a vestry added.

A plaque on the building reads, "The building of the Church and Rectory began in 1838 to plans drawn up by Robert De Little and John Lee Archer. The original structure included a wooden shingled roof. The Rectory that was originally two stories with attic windows was reduced to one level in the 1930's.

The original burial ground is next to the Catholic Cemetery at the eastern end of Stanley Street. Prior to the building of the church Anglican services for settles, convicts and the military were conducted in temporary wooden structures on in the open".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1837 - 1839 Rev George Sculthorpe Morris Convict Chaplain 1812 1889
1850 - 1867 Rev John Leverack Ison 1808 1867
1879 - 1882 Rev William Fielder Mitchell 1826 1896
1912 - 1915 Rev Joseph May 1852 1918
1926 - 1929 Curate Ernest Edward Johnson 1886 1972
1929 - 1931 Curate John Hamilton Harrison 1880 1931
1931 - 1936 Rev Leonard Arthur Burgess 1981
1936 - 1940 Rev Leonard Lisle Oldham 1908 1983
1943 - 1956 Rev Stuart Macarthur Mortyn 1889 1974
1968 - 1969 Rev Bertram Edgar ancock 1906 1974
2020 ? - Rev Ian Oates


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