Park Orchards, VIC - St Anne's Catholic

Year Built: 1943

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Anne

Address: 54 Knees Road, Park Orchards, Victoria, 3114

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 28/12/2022

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History and Architecture:

A plaque outside the church reads, " In June 1970, a Catholic church with an interesting history opened its doors on Knees Road. It was originally constructed at Camp Pell in Melbourne's Royal Park which accommodated American troops stationed in Australia throughout World War II. It was the only purpose built Australian Army chapel. All other places of worship were converted army huts.

The chapel was opened and blessed in March '1943. After the war ended. during the decade of 1946-1956. Camp Pell became home to approximately 3000 people in need of emergency public housing. When Camp Pell was decommissioned, the chapel moved to Templestowe and was named St Kevin's.

By 1968, the growing Templestowe parish needed a larger place of worship and a church was built on Herlihys Road. The chapel was then dismantled, placed onto a truck and came to rest in Park Orchards. With a new roof and a fresh coat of paint, it was christened St Anne's. Up until then, the Catholic Church had made use of the Park Orchards Chalet. Every week, parishioner Joe Titotto loaded a portable altar, built by a local carpenter, into his old van and delivered it in time for the Sunday services which were attended by up to 100 residents of the community. Titotto had been one of Australis Sharp and John Taylor's original employees at the Park Orchards Country Club Estate, where he worked as a greenskeeper at the nine-hole golf course."

The Church was restored in 2000.


There are currently no clergy recorded for this church. Submissions are welcomed.