Plympton, SA - All Saints Uniting

Denomination: Uniting

Saint: All Saints

Address: 364a Marion Road, Plympton, South Australia, 5038

Previous Denomination: Methodist

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Kaurna people

Last Updated: 30/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

Formerly a Methodist church in 1843 the Wesleyan Pine Street Circuit included Plympton in its preaching plan. With Methodist Union in 1901 the Plympton Church was transferred from the Adelaide Circuit to the Mile End Circuit.

From 1950 it was in the Unley Circuit along with Unley, Goodwood, Camden, Vermont, Black Forest and Hare Street Churches until 1962 when the Plympton Circuit was created comprising Plympton, Camden and Hare Street. When union with the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches took place in 1977 the Plympton Church formed, with its sister Church at Hare Street, the Plympton Parishin the Fleurieu Presbytery of the Uniting Church in Australia.

In March, 1847 the Government of the Province of South Australia made a grant to the Wesleyan Methodist Church of £20 towards the building of a Chapel and School house at Plympton.

A paragraph appeared in The Register on 14th February, 1856 calling for tenders for building the chapel at Plympton. The building was completed in June of the same year.

The Chapel cost £580. The opening services of the church were held on Sunday, 8th June, when the preachers were Rev. Thomas Williams, the first minister of the church, and Rev. Joseph Dare.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1897 - 1898 Rev W. Benson Mather M
1899 - Rev Henry T. Burgess M 1839 1923
1900 - 1902 Rev H. J. Pope M 1844 1919
1903 - 1905 Rev T. Piper M 1836 1928
1906 - 1910 Rev W. G. Clarke M 1858 1943
1911 - 1915 Rev T. G. White M 1863 1946
1916 - 1918 Rev W. H. Hanton M
1919 - 1923 Rev W. H. Hanton M
1924 - 1927 Rev C. R.M. Tresise M
1928 - 1931 Rev E. Smith M
1932 - 1935 Rev F. L. Rooney M
1936 - 1938 Rev A. J. Finch M
1939 - 1943 Rev E J.G. Neil M
1944 - 1953 Rev J. P.H. Tilbrook M
1954 - Rev B. V. Ashdown M
1955 - 1960 Rev F. E. Tregilgas M
1961 - Rev A. M. Jackson M
1962 - 1966 Rev J. H. Cain M
1967 - 1973 Rev R. G. Dunning M
1972 - Rev M. M. Mandich M
1974 - 1978 Rev T. R. Hayward U
1979 - Rev C. R. Cotton U


The pipe organ was built in Liverpool, England by Rushworth and Dreaper, Organ Builders, in approximately 1850. This firm commenced business in 1828 and the organ was one of the early instruments constructed by them. From an  internal study of the organ it is fairly obvious that it was originally a one keyboard instrument of 41 keys – tenor C to top.  


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