Reid, ACT - St Peter's Memorial Lutheran

Year Built: 1961

Denomination: Lutheran

Saint: Peter

Address: 6 Boolee Street, Reid, New South Wales, 2612

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Ngunnawal, Ngunawal and Ngambri people

Last Updated: 24/09/2023

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History and Architecture:

A plaque reads, " Behold I lay in Sion a Chief corner stone elect precious 1 Peter 2 , 6 1st Sunday after Trinity AD 1961".


There are currently no clergy recorded for this church. Submissions are welcomed.


The Organ was built by E.F. Walcker & Cie. of Ludwigsburg Germany. The organ strongly in the Orgelbewegung style, was a gift from the government of the former Federal Republic of Germany It was installed in 1961. It has 2m., 11, 3c., tr.
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1. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.