Roma, QLD - St Andrew's Presbyterian

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: 35 Street, Roma, Queensland, 4455

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Mandandanji people

Last Updated: 09/06/2022

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History and Architecture:

The initial Church site was in Quintin Street (in tine vicinity of the present Bungil Shire Council Chambers) and was the gift of one Joseph McGhee. The building contractor was Mr. Joseph Stringfellow, who constructed the building for just over £300. (Presbyterians had been using the Town Hall for services).

The Church was opened and dedicated on Sunday, May 29, 1881, by the Moderator of the General Assembly (Queensland), the Rt. Rev. J. F. McSwaine, who: "The Western Star" reports, "preached from the 22nd chapter of St. Luke, a portion of verse 23, 'the place which is called Calvary,' and gave a most eloquent discourse on the atonement."

A Foundation stone reads, " To the Glory of God this Foundation stone was laid by Rt Rev. Rowellyn Ramsay B.A. BCom State Moderator 29th May 1954. Worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness. Psalms 29.v.2." Another stone reads To the Glory of God and in memory of Hugh Dugald McGowan 29th May 1954. The Lord Knoweth the way of the Righeous. Pslams 1.v6".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1881 - 1883 Rev Jas Lawrie
1888 - 1890 Rev D. Watkins
1892 - 1897 Rev W. H. Drewett
1898 - 1899 Rev Wm Beck
1902 - 1905 Rev Andrew Dunn
1905 - 1906 Rev E. Eldridge
1907 - 1911 Rev W. S. Laurie
1911 - 1915 Rev Jas Cully
1915 - 1924 Rev Jas Muir
1924 - 1931 Rev R. H.W. Bagot 1956
1931 - 1936 Rev G. A. Reid
1936 - 1941 Rev C. E. Paull
1944 - 1950 Rev A. L. McKay B.A.
1951 - 1954 Rev L. W. Wyer 1923 2010
1954 - 1957 Rev W. S. McPheat
1958 - 1963 Rev P. L. Gordon
1964 - Rev B. E. Roy


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