Rozelle, NSW - St Thomas' Anglican

Year Built: 1874

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Thomas

Address: 668 Darling Road, Rozelle, New South Wales, 2039

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Architectural Style: Gothic Early English

Traditional Owners: Wangal people

Last Updated: 04/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

The Church was built in 1874 in an Early English Gothic style to the design of Edmund Blacket, originally of brick with stone detailing, but later obscured by paintwork. The five bay nave was built first, followed by the transepts, sanctuary and vestry. he main façade incorporates a small bellcote rising between the two lancet windows. The interior has more recently been re-ordered, reducing the number of pews and introducing areas of open flooring.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1922 - 1926 Rev Henry Charles Leplastier With Balmain North 1888 1934
1924 - 1925 Rev George Polain Curate 1894 1974
1926 - 1931 Rev John Francis Chapple 1873 1952
1925 - 1926 Rev Herbert Eric Felton Curate 1899 1964
1928 - 1928 Rev William Thomas Roach Curate 1861 1947
1928 - Rev Ronald Arthur Johnson Probationary Catchist
1931 - 1942 Rev Leslie George Edmondson 1893 1951
1937 - 1937 Rev Archibald George Halliday Locum 1892 1958
1942 - 1947 Rev Frank Wilde 1884 1959
1947 - 1949 Rev Raymond Stafford Chapple 1899 1966
1988 - Rev David George Lance Livingstone Locum


A harmonium played by a Mr William May was used for the decade between the opening of St Thomas' and the installation of the Henry Jones pipe organ in 1884. The Jones Organ was designed by Frederick Morley and cost 315 pounds.It has 2m., 12 sp. st., mechanical.
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