Sale, VIC - St Paul's Anglican

Year Built: 1884

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Paul

Address: 149 Cunninghame Street, Sale, Victoria, 3850

Architect: Nathaniel Billing

Architectural Style: Later Gothic

Traditional Owners: Gunaikurnai people

Last Updated: 19/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

The Parish came into being in 1854 and was licenced in 1857. In 1904 the Diocese was proclaimed along with the new country dioceses of Bendigo and Wangaratta.

The land for the new St Paul's Church of England was purchased in 1882 for £1,500. The Official opening was on the 5th November 1884.  A substantial brick church, designed by prominent architect Nathaniel Billing and built in 1884. Extensions were added in 1907.

The first Church of St. Paul, Sale, was licensed in 1857.

In 1874, the Rev.  George Wade Watson was appointed as Incumbent of the Parish.  Early in 1875, a desire was expressed to sell the old site, with the view of purchasing one more centrally situated; but, though the consent of the Bishop was obtained, nothing practically resulted.

Plans for a new Church were prepared by Mr. Filling, and it was built by George Wynd with James Swan as clerk of works for the sum of £3389.

The foundation stone for a new church on this site was laid by Bishop Moorhouse on 17th December, 1883, and this second St. Paul's Church, Sale, was opened on 5th November, 1884, with Bishop Moorhouse preaching at both services.

A memorial stone reads, " This memorial stone was laid by the Right Revd J. Doorhouse D.D. Bishop of Melbourne Dec 17th 1883".

For a full histroy see the Church website here.


These names are now in the Database and can be searched individually.

Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1854 - 1862 Rev P K Simmons
1862 - 1866 Archdeacon THeodore C.B. Stretch 1817 1899
1866 - 1872 Rev Thomas Woolcock Serjeant 1824 1907
1872 - 1896 Rev George Wade Watson 1838 1915
1896 - 1908 Rev H P Scott
1908 - 1912 Archdeacon Clifford Harris Nash 1866 1958
1912 - 1919 Rev G H. Smith
1920 - 1925 Canon D Haultain
1925 - 1927 Archdeacon H White
1927 - 1935 Canon F. C Thornton
1931 - 1932 Rev Alan Walker Sutton Curate 1903 1970
1935 - 1943 Archdeacon J. H. Blundell
1943 - 1949 Canon J. T Sansom
1945 - 1947 Rev Philip Francis Taylor Curate 1907 2003
1950 - 1973 Dean C. B. Alexander
1955 - 1958 Canon Richard Mellon Southey Honorary 1907 1984
1963 - 1970 Rev Philip Francis Taylor Rural Dean 1907 2003
1974 - 1977 Dean Raymond Elver Elliot
1978 - Dean Edward Gibson
2016 - Rev Susanna Pain


The Organ was built in 1882 by George Fincham for residence of Joseph S. Summers, Windsor where it was used for teaching and practice. Installed in present location in 1884. Restored in 1981 by S.J. Laurie Pty Ltd. It has 2m, 12spst, 3c, tr & elpn. Gt: Sw: Ped: 16.
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