Salisbury, SA - St John's Anglican (30323)

Year Built: 1850

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: John

Address: Church Street, Salisbury, South Australia, 5108

Last Updated: 05/07/2022

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History and Architecture:

John Harvey transferred an acre of Section 2191 between Lots 82 and 85 over to the Bishop of Adelaide in November 1850. The "original" St John's has an uncertain. Inscribed above the door is the date 1846. This date is often contested, as the land was not given to the church until 1850.

The foundation stone was laid in 1858. It was not until May 1865 that St. John's was opened for worship. The Architect was Daniel Garlick.

The second Church was opened for services before the roof and flooring were completed. Shell-grit from St Kilda Beach in Victoria was used as a makeshift floor and this still exists under the floor boards today. The Sanctuary was added in 1896. The foundation stone was laid by Sir Thomas Buxton on 30 June 1896.

The Annex foundation stone was laid 26 June 1937.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1894 - Rev Arthur Kent Chignell 1870 1951
1958 - 1959 Rev John Barton Gilbert Asst C 1928
1977 - 1981 Rev Robert Forster Pearson
1997 - 1998 Rev Jeremy David Grieves Asst C 1969
2014 - Rev Stephen Bloor


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