St Kilda East, VIC - Holy Trinity St Nicholas Russian Catholic

Year Built: 1887

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Nicholas

Address: 72 Hotham Street, St Kilda East, Victoria, 3183

Previous Denomination: Congregational

Architect: Hillson Beasley and John Little

Architectural Style: Gothic

Traditional Owners: Yalukit Willam people

Last Updated: 22/03/2024

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History and Architecture:

Constructed in polychrome brick, with stone dressings, in a high Victorian Gothic style, it was designed by architects Hillson Beasley and John Little.1 The building replaced an earlier wooden church that had been located in Westbury Street.

The building is composed of red bricks, with Osmaru stone dressings. The windows are of colored glass. The structure has an octagon turret, and the spire, when completed, will be 100 feet in height, The total cost of erection and furnishing is £2,200. Kr. Beasley is the architect, and the building was erected under his supervision.

A Foundation stone reads, " East St Kilda Congregational Church This memorial stone was laid by Mrs Albert Spicer of London. October 28th 1887".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1886 - Rev J. East Harrison
1889 - Rev E. Taylor


The Organ was built c.1865-1870 by George Fincham for unknown location (probably private residence). Installed in 1885 previous Congregational Church, East St Kilda and 1888 in present church building. Moved to new location in church in 1940 C.W. Andrewartha (Trumpet removed and replaced by Flute 4). Installed in residence of Michael Wu, Healesville in 2002 by Wakeley Pipe Organs Pty Ltd. Restored & installed present location in 2015 by Hargraves Pipe Organs Pty Ltd. It has 1 manual, 6 speaking stops, 1 coupler, mechanical action.
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1. Organ Historical Trust of Australia with permission.
2. The Age Friday 11th May 1888.