St Leonards, TAS - St Peter's Anglican (8168)

Year Built: 1869

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Peter

Address: 313 St Leaonards Road , St Leonards, Tasmania, 7250

Last Updated: 02/11/2021

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History and Architecture:

The first parish church, dedicated to St. Peter, was opened for service on April 18, 1847. The foundation stone having been laid by Archdeacon Marriott on December 9, 1846. The site was then in the middle of the sprawling "Mount Esk Estate (now Nazareth House).

This advertisement appeared in "The Examiner" the following week: "Saint Peter's Church Patterson's Plains ' All persons interested in the general arrangement of the above church, or in the continuance of service therein, are requested to attend a meeting for the disposal of seats, and to the consideration of other matters connected with the permanent utility of the said service at the Church on Thursday the 29th April next at three o'clock p.m. precisely".

The first signed financial statement of which there is a record, is for the year 1849 when the income, mainly from pew rents, was £27.4.11. Of course the congregation was not then responsible for stipend.

Among the more unusual items of expenditure are the following : Hire of minister's horse 6/-1 Broom and bucket 6/-, Door mat 1/-, Washing surplice 1/6. The latter appears to have been a quarterly task performed by Mrs. Stuart. The statement is signed by Richard Warren and Wilhelm Stevenson, Churchwordens, and Henry Plow Kane, Clerk, Minister and Chaplain.

Under Reverend Griffiths leadership during the period 2005 - 2017 he re-established the parish which was in recess. Church numbers grew, upgrading of the church building and an extension to the Hall also took place.

The Church was put up for sale in 2018.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1850 - 1851 Rev J. Mereweather
1851 - 1871 Rev F Brownrigg
1871 - 1875 Rev B Bailey
1875 - 1892 Rev A Cass
1883 - Rev William Dry 1820 1908
1893 - 1895 Rev Christopher George Wilkinson 1855 1929
1895 - 1901 Rev J Roche
1901 - Rev Clement Dowling Catechist 1840 1906
1902 - 1916 Rev E Spink
1917 - 1918 Rev William Stuart Williams 1880 1953
1918 - 1919 Rev C Moore
1919 - Rev J Harrison
1919 - 1922 Rev H Gaunlett
1923 - 1937 Rev E Julien
1937 - 1944 Rev Frederick Ambrose Carr 1890 1953
1945 - 1950 Rev Roy Albert Ezzy 1907 1977
1950 - 1952 Rev G Christopher
1956 - 1959 Rev L Browning
1960 - 1965 Rev Edwin Esling 1907 1993
1965 - Rev Lancelot Stuart Luck 1910 1975
2005 - 2017 Rev Irfon Griffiths
2018 - Rev Ed Cavanough


This was given by Mrs. Thomas Smith, whose daughter Mrs. Charles Summers was organist for many years and was succeeded in the post by her daughter Miss Beulah Summers.


1. Rev Irfon Griffiths, including church photos


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2. Cable Clergy Index.