Strathfield, NSW - St Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Year Built: 1954

Denomination: Eastern Orthodox

Address: 3 Vernon Street, Strathfield, New South Wales, 2135

Architect: R J Magoffin

Traditional Owners: Wangal people

Last Updated: 07/02/2024

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History and Architecture:

In 1949, land was purchased and the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul was consecrated in December 1953. The Cathedral was built on the Mount Vernon Estate.  The Mount Vernon Estate was formed from land owned by brothers John and Donald Vernon, original purchasers of the Redmire Estate. Building was commenced in 1951 and was opened in 1954.

Constructed of rendered brick it has a symmetrical façade based on verticality that features a bell tower with arched openings, copper spire and steel cupolas supporting a cross.  Arched top windows have flat rendered labels and the roof is tiled.


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