Sydney, NSW - Christ Church St Laurence Anglican

Year Built: 1856

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Laurence

Address: 812 George Street, Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Architect: Edmund Blacket

Traditional Owners: Gadigal people

Last Updated: 02/08/2023

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History and Architecture:

First service was held by William Grant Broughton in a brewery storeroom in Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills on 28 October 1838.

Bishop Broughton laid the foundation stone of the present Christ Church on 1 January 1840 and the partially completed building was consecrated on 10 September 1845.

Architects included Henry Robinson followed by Edmund Blacket in the period 1844-1880 and John Burcham Clamp in the period 1900-1922.

The ceiling was added and the columns clad in 1864. The stained glass was added gradually in the period 1845-1912 while the marble steps were added to the sanctuary in 1885 and extended in 1929.

1853 saw the arrival of six bells cast by John Taylor & Sons, Loughborough, Leicestershire in 1852.

In 1873 an altar tomb of Bishop John Coleridge Patteson (martyred 1871) fixed in Sanctuary. The monument, now relocated to west end, was designed for CCSL by Blacket. Eight years later alterations to the Sanctuary and creation of chancel (Choir stalls relocated from original position in third bay of nave) was made.

The church was extensively renovated following the fire in 1905. The chancel was added in 1885 and renewed and expanded in 2004.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1839 - Rev William Horatio Walsh
1867 - Rev George Vidal
1878 - Rev Charles Frederick Garnsey
1895 - Rev Gerard Trower 1860 1928
1901 - Rev Frederick John Albery 1863 1935
1911 - Rev Clive Meillon Statham 1880 1970
1926 - Rev John Hope 1891 1971
1964 - Rev Patrick Austin Day
1996 - Rev Michael Nicholas Roderick Bowie
2001 - Rev Adrian Maxwell Stephens
2013 - Rev Dr Daniel Dries


The first organ was destroyed by fire in 1905 before the current organ was purchased from the residence of R A Andrews of Leichhardt for £1,000. It had spent the first 15 years of its life in the concert room of Mr Andrew's Leichhardt residence "Frog Hollow".

Hill & Son 1892 (3/26 mechanical and tubular-pneumatic). Continuo organ, Henk Klop 2011 (1/4 mechanical).

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