Terang, VIC - St Thomas the Apostle Catholic

Year Built: 1972

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Thomas

Address: Warrnambool Road, Terang, Victoria, 3264

Architect: Kris Kudlick

Traditional Owners: Eastern Maar people

Last Updated: 08/06/2023

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History and Architecture:

The Foundation stone of the first church was laid on 26 April 1868 by Dr Fitzpatrick assisted by Dean Slattery and Reverend Simon Riordan. The Church was dedicated and opened on 9 May 1869 by Bishop Gould.*

By 1900 the church had out grown its time as the population had increased. Father Herbert initiated a meeting to investigate the building of a new church. Bu July the foundation stone has been laid and it was opened and blessed on 15 December 1901. The cost of the church was eventually listed at 5,000.00.*

By 1972 a further church was required and a meeting in November of that year resolved to build that church on land purchase from Dr Hayden in the 1960's. The Architect was Mr Kris Kudlicki of Melbourne and the builder was Fotheringham Brothers of Warrnambool.*


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1909 - 1916 Father Daniel Folley
1916 - 1942 Father Daniel Joseph Devane 1941
1942 - 1947 Father Eugene Galligan
1947 - 1955 Father Michael Mulcahy
1955 - 1959 Father Daniel O'Connell 1977
1959 - 1965 Monsignor James Harlod Gleeson
1965 - Father W.J. McGrath
1965 - 1968 Monsignor Thomas Hussey
1968 - Monsignor Martin O'Keeffe
2023 - Father Gary Jones


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1. St Thomas Apostle Parish 1908 - 1974 a Commemorative booklet. LTP 282.94571T27S