Torquay, VIC - Uniting

Denomination: Uniting

Address: 28 Anderson Street, Torquay, Victoria, 3228

Previous Denomination: Presbyterian

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Wadawurrung people

Last Updated: 23/04/2023

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History and Architecture:

Formerly a Presbyterian church.

In 1900 a building at New Manners Steightz was disassembled and moved to Torquay and re-erected and opened for services in April 1900. The church measured 23ft by 19ft with a porch measuring 7ft by 6ft.

In September 1925 plans for a new church and Sunday school designed by Laird and Buchan of Geelong were presented to and approved by the Geelong Presbytery. The old church was sold for removal. The new church was officially opened and dedicated on the 20th December by Mr J. Pettit. The keys were handed over by the architects Messrs Laird and Buchan with the Rev Charles Neville conducting the service. The new building measured 47ft by 25ft and consisted of a porch church and vestry. It was constricted of weatherboards once again, and had a galvanised iron roof.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1897 - 1898 Rev R Jones Missionary
1925 - Rev J Downey P
2018 - Rev Sizie Castle U


The Organ was built in 1970 by Hill, Norman & Beard for residence of J.Sinnatt, Richmond. Removed c1975 and installed in present location c1994. It has 1m, 1rk ext, elmag.


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