Williamstown, SA - St Peter's Anglican (30169)

Year Built: 1861

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Peter

Address: Corner George & Church Streets, Williamstown, South Australia, 3016

Last Updated: 11/12/2021

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History and Architecture:

A small random stone hall church with slate roof and stone bell gablet, built in 1860-61. The church was built on land which was a gift of George Warren who subdivided the town of Williamstown in 1858, and the Warrens maintained their support for St Peter's as did other local families including the Gilbert, Ross, Browne, and Manser families and other early settlers in the district.

The entry porch of the church was rebuilt in 1929 and the vestry added, in memory of Mr. and Mrs John Warren. There is  an  adjacent hall, constructed in 1891, which served as a school room and was extended in 1930.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1865 - Rev Whitmore Carr 1823 1903
1880 - Mr Alfred Sells Lay Reader 1857 1887
1884 - Mr John Warren Lay Reader 1867 1941
1884 - 1891 Rev William Adderly Campbell 1833 1925
1891 - 1891 Rev Hubert Allan Brooksbank 1861 1942
1900 - 1905 Rev Thomas Ghent 1862 1951
1922 - 1924 Rev James Henry Waters 1881 1945
1927 - 1938 Rev Cedric Willian Lyon Noon 1897 1960


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