Wollongong, NSW - City Central Presbyterian

Year Built: 1937

Denomination: Presbyterian

Address: 33 Burelli Street, Wollongong, New South Wales, 2500

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 23/04/2022

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History and Architecture:

A plaque on a stone reads, " This stone is from the original Presbyterian Church, which was the first church in Wollongong, and was situated on the north-western corner of Crown & Church streets. The site was given by Charles Throsby Smith Esq., September, 1837. The present site was donated by William Lang Esq., December, 1935. This plaque is a memorial to the Presbyterian pioneers who founded and have maintained St Andrew's from 1837. September 1977.

A further plaque reads, " Unveiled to the Glory of God by The Right Rev. A.C. Grieve B.A. Moderator 31st July 1937 - This stone was part of the Oringinal Church Founded by the Rev. John Tait 27th Sept 1837".

Mr Tait received a present of a half-acre block from Mr Charles Throsby Smith, at the corner of Crown and Church Streets. He obtained subscriptions for the erection of a church building, and in May 1838 plans were prepared by James Hulme, a Sydney architect.

The foundation stone was laid on 31 July, 1937, by the Moderator, the Right Reverend A.C. Grieve, a past member of the Congregation. The building was opened by a previous Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, the Very Reverend Dr. R.G. MacIntyre, on 19 February, 1938. The minister at the time was Reverend Marshall S. Campbell.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1837 - 1841 Rev John Tait
1841 - 1864 Rev Cunningham Atchieson
1879 - 1883 Rev Robert Hope Waugh
1903 - 1921 Rev Donald MacKay Barnett
1927 - 1933 Rev William Duffy
1934 - 1941 Rev Dr Marshall S. Campbell
1942 - 1949 Rev C. E. Turnball
1949 - 1964 Rev Charles Thomas Knibb 1996
1964 - 1973 Rev R. A. Caldwell
1974 - 1981 Rev Ivan Cox
1982 - 1986 Rev Jack Knapp
1987 - 1996 Rev Lindsay Ferrington
1998 - 2005 Rev Bruce Hammonds
2006 - 2009 Rev Grandville Pillar


A pipe organ was installed at a cost of £1,700.


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