Woolloongabba, QLD - St Luke's Catholic

Year Built: 1936

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Saint: Luke

Address: 43 Taylor Street, Woolloogabba, Queensland, 4102

Architect: Frank Leo Cullen

Traditional Owners: Turrbal people

Last Updated: 19/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

 Prior to the construction of St Luke's, Buranda, the Catholic community in the area was part of the parish of the combined districts of Coorparoo and Ipswich Road formed in 1913 when Father J. O'Leary was appointed the first parish priest.  The Church was designed by Brisbane architect Frank Leo Cullen and built in the Spanish Mission style.

A Foundation stone reads, " Church of St Luke This Foundation stone was laid and blessed by Most Rev James Duhig, Archbishop of Brisbane 20th December 1936 - Rev P. Costello P.P.".
A further Foundation stone reads, " The Church of St Luke opened and blessed 11 April 1937 by Archbishop John Panico Apostolic Delegate to Australia in the presence of  Archbishop James Duhig Rev Father P Costello P.P.".
A final Foundation stone reads, " The Church of St Luke solemnly dedicated on 10 September 2017 by Archbishop Mark Coleridge in the presence of His Excellency The Honourable Paul De Jersey AC Governor of Queensland Rev Monsignor Peter Meneely VG ADM".


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1936 - Rev Peter Costello
2017 - Monsignor Peter Meneely
2023 - Most Rev Peter Dillon Administrator


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