Yarrawonga, VIC - St Cuthbert's Anglican

Year Built: 1966

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: Cuthbert

Address: 41 Piper Street, Yarrawonga, Victoria, 3730

Architect: Unknown

Traditional Owners: Yorta Yorta people

Last Updated: 01/12/2021

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History and Architecture:

Until 1884, when the first St. Cuthbert’s church was built, divine services were conducted in schools at Yarrawonga, Boomahnoomoonah, Tungamah, Youarang North, Pelluebla South and Lake Rowan by Reverend A. T. Hayhow and Reverend L. R. West (the first Rector of Yarrawonga, from 1880, appointed by the Bishop of Melbourne).

By 1882 there were moves to erect a permanent church in Yarrawonga. Land at the corner of Lynch and Piper Streets was purchased by Bishop James Moorhouse from Mr. J. Reilly. The land cost £8, and the tender price for the church was £100. Contractor Mr. J. K. Fahey used local bricks made by a Mr. Grenell.

The first Rectory was built in Ely Street on land given by Mr. J. Reilly.

The current church was designed by architect John Rosenthal; the tender of £60,000 pounds by builders L.W. Brown Constructions Ltd. of Wangaratta was accepted and the foundation stone was laid on 15th May 1966 by the Bishop of Wangaratta, the Right Reverend T. McCall.

There is a second foundation stone on the building, which reads," Memorial stone laid May ?? 1884".

A full history can be viewed on the church website here.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1880 - Rev L. R. West
1885 - 1887 Rev Joseph Addison White 1840 1916
1887 - 1888 Rev Edward Charles Knox 1843 1924
1888 - 1895 Rev Richard Harry Potter 1861 1931
1895 - 1902 Rev John Gilmour Swan 1867 1956
1902 - 1913 Rev Frederick William Wray 1864 1943
1913 - 1914 Rev James William Percy Oates 1879 1962
1914 - 1920 Rev Gordon Nelson 1881 1941
1920 - 1923 Rev James Eakins Stannage 1887 1968
1923 - 1929 Rev William Andrews Williams 1882 1949
1929 - 1950 Rev William Joseph Chesterfield 1896 1965
2021 - Rev Neil Hicks


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