Youngtown, TAS - St James Anglican

Denomination: Anglican

Saint: James

Address: 418 Hobart Road, Youngtown, Tasmania, 7249

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 15/04/2024

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History and Architecture:

The booklet reads in part,

On Monday, the 13th October 1844, the Bishop laid the first stone of one of these ten new oratories' at Franklin Village. An account of this is given in the "Launceston Examiner" of the 23rd October, 1844.

"Franklin Village. On Monday, at three o'clock, the Bishop, attended by the Rural Dean (the Rev. R. R. Davies) and the Revs. Messrs. Stackhouse, Wilkinson, Gibbon and Dr. Browne, laid the first stone of a building, to be erected for the united purposes of a chapel and school, at Franklin Village, an acre of ground having been given by Mr. Britton Jones for that purpose. There were about three hundred persons present to whom the Bishop delivered an eloquent address, particularly dwelling on the value and importance of scriptural education." On this occasion, Mary, the daughter of Mr. Britton Jones who had given the ground, presented the conveyance to the Bishop.

On the 15th April 1845, the next year, just six months after the laying of the foundation stone, the new church was opened.

A Rotary Board explains, " As the only church in this colonial settlement, the Franklin Village Chapel, as it was then known, served the spiritual needs of the residents of the surrounding area including the boys from the Classical and Commercial School opposite. It also served as a village school. The site has been classified by the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) and registered by the Tasmanian Heritage Council. It is one of the rare remaining elements of early Franklin Village. Built on land donated by Mr Britton Jones, Franklin Village Chapel was officially opened on the 15th April 1845 by the first Bishop of Tasmania, Francis Nixon. The burial ground was consecrated on that occasion. A school for village children operated in the building from 1847. In 1926 the building was consecrated and renamed St James Church".



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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1845 - 1861 Rev A. Stackhouse From Perth
1850 - Rev J. D. Mereweather From St Leonards
1851 - Rev F. Brownrigg
1963 - 1864 Rev S. B. Brooks
1864 - 1871 Rev C. R. Arthur
1864 - 1871 Rev L T.W. Bricwood From Morven
1871 - 1875 Rev J. B.H. Bailey From St Leonards
1875 - 1877 Rev A. Cass
1877 - 1886 Rev D. Galer From Perth
1886 - 1890 Rev W. H. Westbrook
1890 - 1893 Rev Alfred Rashleigh Stackhouse 1854 1896
1893 - Rev C. G. Wilkinson
1893 - Rev T. E.M. Roche
1893 - 1900 Rev A. Turnball
1900 - 1902 Rev J. E.M. Roche
1900 - Mr W. Garrard Lay Reader
1900 - Mr W. L.S. Greer Lay Reader
1900 - Mr F. H.B Grubb Lay Reader
1902 - 1917 Rev E. C. Spink
1917 - 1919 Rev W. S. Williams
1919 - 1920 Rev Harry Johstone Gauntlett 1868 1949
1922 - 1927 Rev Edward William Julien 1877 1988
1937 - 1945 Rev F. A. Carr
1945 - 1950 Rev Roy Albert Ezzy 1907 1977
1950 - 1952 Rev G. Christopher
1956 - 1958 Rev L. B. Browning
1958 - Rev R. D. Tyson


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