BLEASDALE, John Ignatius (60020)

Full Name: Father John Ignatius BLEASDALE

Born: 1821

Died: 1884

Denomination: Roman Catholic



Born c1821 (and baptised on 7 April 1821, the son of Thomas Bleasdale and his wife Agnes?) in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. Received his early education at Preston, Lancashire.


Spent seven years at the English College at Lisbon, Portugal, but ill-health compelled him to return to England to complete his studies at St. Mary's College, Oscott, Birmingham. Ordained there on 25 August 1844, by Cardinal Wiseman. Acted as a military chaplain for five years at Weedon, Buckinghamshire, England. Arrived at Melbourne on 31 March 1851 per "Anna" from Liverpool, England. Briefly at St. Francis', Melbourne. Later at Geelong. At Colac, and then back in Melbourne.


In 1855 he became vice-president of St. Patrick's College. Became well known in scientific circles for his work in this area. Held a number of public positions. He went to California, United States of America in 1877 for health reasons. Died on 28 June 1884 at the German Hospital, 14th & Noe Streets, San Francisco, U.S.A. and was buried on 1 July 1884 at San Francisco, U.S.A.