McGillivray, Lachlan (60011)

Full Name: Rev Lachlan McGillivray

Born: 1808

Died: 1 August 1880

Denomination: Presbyterian



Possibly the son of John Lachlan McGillivray of Jamaica, West Indies (and of Deviot, Invernesshire?).

Nephew of Colonel Falcolner. Had been in New South Wales and had visited Britain with the Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang prior to going to Van Diemen's Land in 1831. Assistant corresponding clerk to the Acting Colonial Secretary in 1832.

Later became a farmer, schoolteacher, and Anglican catechist. Visited Scotland from 1839-41. He married Catherine Ann Sloane. Arrived at Melbourne on 28 August 1847 per "Raven" from Launceston, V.D.L., and returned with his wife and three children per "Souvenier" in March 1848. Catechist at Burnbank in the Pyrenees for the Free Presbyterian Church in 1847.

Ordained into the United Presbyterian Church on 18 January 1848 at Melbourne. Returned to Burnbank. Appointed to the Warrnambool area in 1849. Resigned in 1853 and returned to Scotland to contest the chieftainship of the clan. Subsequently went to New Zealand. Died on 1 August 1880 at Riverton, New Zealand and was buried at the Riverton Cemetery, N.Z.


Alexander Romanov-Hughes