Maitland, SA - Uniting

Year Built: 1875

Denomination: Uniting

Address: 59 Robert Street, Maitland, South Australia, 5573

Previous Denomination: Methodist

Architect: Unknown

Last Updated: 25/02/2022

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History and Architecture:

Originally a Wesleyan Methodist church, the Church was opened on Christmas Day 1875. It was built by J Swann and the mason was C Hicks. It cost 800.00. In 1904 the Sunday school hall was built at the rear of the church. A foundation stone attached to that part of the building was laid on 2 November 1904 by Mrs E Greenslade. A porch was added in 1912 and by the following year a wood and iron kindergarten room was included along with an iron fence. In 1921 a series of memorial windows were installed and a renovation was conducted on the plaster ceiling.

Methodism in Maitland was pioneered from Wallaroo, Moonta and Kadina. For this Wesleyan church there were four foundation stones laid on August 17 1875. One by Mesdames, Lamshed, Miller, Greenslade and Reverend T.M. Rowe. The opening of the church took place on Christmas morning 1875.

The land on which the buildings now stand was purchased in October 1874, the foundation stone of the Church was laid on August 17th, 1875.

The total cost being approximately 800. The stones for the building were quarried on Mr Elias Greenslade's farm, now owned by Mr Robert Saint, a great grandson of Mr Greenslade. The lime was burned by various farmers in the Kilns that most farmers had in those days in which they burned lime for constructing their own homes and out buildings.

The Manse was built in 1882 at a cost of 439. The Rev. and Mrs F. M. Rowe were the first occupants. The cast iron front fence was originally across the front of the Church as well as the Manse and was erected in 1910.

At the Church Anniversary public meeting in 1913, the Trust Secretary, Mr J. O. Tiddy stated that the Church had been greatly improved by the addition of an entrance Porch at a cost of 92, which cost had been generously defrayed by one of the Church Stewards, Mr Elias Greenslade.

The school hall was built by Messrs Walker and Denman. The porch is in memory of Elias Greenslade and the stone steps and pillars were placed as a war memorial in the front of the church.

The area comprised of Minlaton, Maitland and the Ardrossan circuits were covered by Maitland visitations in the mid 1800's.


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Years Name Annotation D.o.B D.o.D
1873 - Rev W. T. Carter WM
1874 - Rev Robert Kelly WM
1874 - 1875 Rev W. H. Pollard WM
1875 - 1876 Rev T. M. Rowe WM
1876 - 1878 Rev Robert Kelly WM
1878 - 1880 Rev T. E. Thomas WM
1880 - 1881 Rev J. Read WM
1881 - 1883 Rev T. M. Rowe WM
1883 - 1886 Rev W. A. Langsford WM
1886 - 1889 Rev H. H. Teague WM 1851 1905
1889 - 1892 Rev I. Perry WM
1892 - 1893 Rev W. T. Hiatt WM
1894 - 1896 Rev S. Rossiter WM
1896 - 1899 Rev T. B. Angwin WM
1899 - 1901 Rev C. H. Nield M
1901 - 1904 Rev J. Raymond M
1904 - 1909 Rev O. Lake M
1909 - 1913 Rev A. J. Finch M
1913 - 1916 Rev A. A. Smith M
1916 - 1919 Rev J. C. Jennison M
1919 - 1920 Rev G. S. Wellington M
1920 - 1923 Rev J. Shaw M
1923 - 1926 Rev F. W. Brasher M
1926 - 1929 Rev Clement W.G. Smith M
1929 - 1931 Rev Norman G.D. Smith M 1973
1931 - 1934 Rev Louis Morton Humphery M.A. - more details M 1894 1970
1934 - 1938 Rev H. Alvey M
1938 - 1939 Rev Ernest H. Woollacott M
1939 - 1942 Rev G. S. Wellington M
1942 - 1946 Rev W. S. Statton M
1946 - 1948 Rev H. H. Forder M
1948 - 1952 Rev J. R. Andrew M
1952 - 1956 Rev H. E. Cowley M
1956 - Rev D. Cornish M
2011 - Rev Phil Webber U


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Maitland Centenary Celebrations 1975, 287.694235M2321975